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Located in Chełm, the Attorney’s office, the Attorney Agnieszka Remiś offers legal services aimed at individual clients, business clients and public institutions. The office can be found in the city centre, only a few metres from the District Court, opposite the St. John the Theologian’s Orthodox church – at Tadeusz Kościuszko Square 1.

The attorney Agnieszka Remiś offers complex professional legal aid to individual enterpreneurs. The offer ranges from legal counsel, representing an individual in court as an agent for litigation, representative of defence and representative of subsidiary prosecutor at the common plea court.

The attorney Agnieszka Remiś is experienced in conducting cases within:

I. Civil law:
1. proceedings of payment, among which payment-order-proceedings, proceedings by writ of payment, electronic and summary procedures,
2. real estate proceedings,
3. partition proceedings,
4. protection of ownership proceedings,
5. aid in debt collection
6. division of joint property,
7. representation during the conciliation proceedings and enforcement proceedings,
8. agreements of compensation,
9. the land and mortgage register proceedings,
10. law of succession proceedings:
a. inheritance proceedings
b. distributions of the testator’s estate
c. legitim

II. Interlocutory and enforcement proceedings.

III. Family law:
1. establishment of paternity proceedings
2. alimony
3. parental custody
4. contact with children
5. division of joint property of spouses

IV. Housing law
1. property leasing proceedings
2. legal services for housing cooperative

V. Administrative law
1. legal counselling, writing opinions, appeals, complaints
2. legal representation before Provincial Administrative Courts, public administration authorities, Local Government of Appeals and Supreme Administrative Court.

VI. In penal and penal fiscal law is an experienced representative of defence and representative of subsidiary prosecutor.
a. representing civil plaintiff in the criminal proceedings
b. representing subsidiary prosecutor in court
c. representing detained persons
d. representing injured parties
e. representing defence in penal proceedings:
– investigation
– ordinary proceeding
– summary proceeding
– accelerated proceeding
– appeal cassation proceedings or reopening of the trial